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Knoxville Senior Photographer – Andrea Larsen Photo bio picture

Andrea Larsen Photo {the blog}

 Welcome to my blog and thank you for looking at my work!  I am a natural light photographer in Maryville & Knoxville TN. I specialize in High School Senior photography.

 I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BFA in studio art.  My concentration was drawing.  I am an artist.

My love for photography blossomed naturally with my desire to capture the brilliance of my children.  They are delightful little creatures and are used to having a camera in their faces.  

My favorite images to capture are full of motion and emotion.  Which is why I LOVE working with HS seniors.  They are so full of life and excitement.  Seniors will do any crazy thing I ask them to do and I love them for it!

I always have the best time ever on a photo shoot.  Every time!  It's awesome. 

Photo booth fun

One of the girls from church asked me to do photos for their holiday dance and being the kind, giving person that I am, I said yes.  I had a little photo booth in mind and made some cute props that I got from here.  They were up for a little of that.

Now, I was a teenager once so I should have known.  But what they had in mind looked a lot more like this:

So we changed to the twinkling light wall and well, I guess it’s passable for free photos. But I’m wondering what are the chances of getting the church to spring for a backdrop more like this?  Probably not to high. But think how fun it could be with a fan!   Look what I just found!!!! Who wants to make it?

I don’t use my lights very often and I had some technical difficulties. I’m thinking I might need a new sync cord. Or I’m not sure what it might be, but they were super nice to me.  Thanks guys!  It was fun.

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